Jul 26

Community in Need

From a 2009 survey of community members, the Foundation has identified needs specific to the community that the Theatre will fulfill. In addition to the desire for the Theatre to be restored as a performing arts center, community members identified two other potential needs: Arts Education and Community Center (The Heart of Highlands).

Arts Education

Within northwest Denver, there is limited youth programming both in the summer and throughout the school year. North High School, West High School, Arrupe Jesuit School, and Cesar Chavez Academy currently do not have theatre programs. In order to take advantage of existing youth programming in Denver, parents must pay premium prices at the downtown arts centers or travel to the east and south sides of Denver.

Community Center (The Heart of Highlands)

The Highland Village and surrounding the neighborhood does not have sufficient community gathering spaces. The availability of central meeting venues in Northwest Denver for Homeowners Associations, political groups, clubs, etc is scarce. The development of the Master Facility Plan for restoration will include the creation of flexible meeting spaces to address this need.